Lao Ma

Huge change! Soon with new content!

Since 2009 I am living in China. To be more precise, I do live at Shanghai. Unfortunately the China Telecom shut down the server that was running within my apartment. What a pity. It was my own Linux System and I had 100% control over the system.
Now I am not running any forum anymore. I just show some, hopefully nice looking, pictures related to my smokes. I enjoy smoking cigars very much - but to be honest, I am smoking not too much. Maybe 6 cigars a month.
On this page you just can find some pictures of Tibet, on the "Cigars!" pages you find my thoughts about cigars and Shanghai. In one word: Another website nobody really needs. Anyway - have fun!
Please visit: Chinamanns deutsche Seite!

Tibet - no words needed...


Gipfel 2

Alter Mann


Yan'an xi lu
200020 Shanghai
P.R. China